True Believers: A Comic Book poDCast

Episode Eighteen: Eternals...Who Is The Real Villain?

November 17, 2021 Andrew and chrs Season 1 Episode 18
True Believers: A Comic Book poDCast
Episode Eighteen: Eternals...Who Is The Real Villain?
Show Notes

In episode eighteen of True Believers, chrs and Andrew watched Eternals and came here to spoil the crap out of it.

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  • There was a list of everybody with mind control superpowers and almost everybody on the gosh darn list is a supervillain omg
  • Okay, I can only find trailers for Stomp the Yard that were made after the movie was released (once everybody knew that he died), but I promise you that 80% of the advertising was “THIS IS CHRIS BROWN’S FIRST MOVIE AND IT’S A DANCE MOVIE :) “
  • Kingo abandoned Sprite in Macedonia because he was tired of having to move every five or so years because she noticeably doesn’t age
  • "That's my great-grandfather, that's my grandfather, that's my father, and that's me. I'm part of a great Bollywood dynasty." -Kingo
  • Apparently Makkari and Druig have that relationship in the film only because of the incredible chemistry between Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan 
  • Mahd Wy’ry is a condition in the comics stemming from retaining the memories of thousands of years, and, it also takes a couple of thousands of years to set in
  • I couldn’t find exactly where Kingo was, it just said that he was in India
  • Handsome Ben Stoss is played by Haaz Sleiman
  • With the Uni-Mind, the Eternals can join their minds into one entity. Like, Captain Planet and a Megazord
  • Ikaris actually said "You won't succeed against me. And I will kill every one of you if I have to." and it was so hot
  • Ikaris is listed as deceased in the MCU wiki...for now
  • Actually, Tiamut is the Dreaming Celestial and he rose in 616 in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
  • Tiamut the Communicator is a Celestial who was imprisoned on Earth (for questioning the Fulcrum) during the Neil Gaiman run of the Eternals who delayed his own imminent destruction of the planet in order to judge humanity due to the Eternals' attempts to save them. 
  • Chloe Zhao confirmed that the voice at the end was Mahershala Ali as Blade
  • We are in Phase 4 of the MCU
  • Matt Ryan is the John Constantine guy

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